Schubert “Erlking”


Composer Marek Zebrowski transcribed Schubert’s well-known Erlking for the same instrumentation as Schubert’s beloved Trout piano quintet with double bass. The Erlking is part of the Los Angeles Musical Salon’s long-term project of expanding the repertoire for this instrumentation.

Mr. Zebrowski’s transciption of the Erlking was premiered by the Upstream Ensemble on May 19, 2012 Los Angeles Musical Salon concert, as an encore to the premiere of the Brahms Triumphlied.

To listen to the audio of the Erlking recorded live at the premiere (approx. 4 minutes), click SchubertErlkingAudio

The score is available for purchase at our online store. For more info, email info at or call 310-470-0770.