Paderewski “Tatra Album”

PaderewskiWe commissioned composer Marek Zebrowski to transcribe the sparkling Paderewski Tatra Album, Op. 12, no. 1 for piano quintet with double bass, as part of our long-term project of increasing the available repertoire for this rare instrumentation used by Franz Schubert in his beloved Trout piano quintet.

To listen to a live recording of the world premiere of this transcription of the Paderewski Tatra Album, Op. 12, no. 1 (approx. 3 minutes), click PaderewskiTatraAlbumOp12no1Audio

Paderewski’s Tatra Album, Op. 12, consists of six pieces based on the lively folk music of the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland. For this commission, Mr. Zebrowski chose the first piece in the Album for transcription.

This wonderful piece was premiered by the Upstream Ensemble II at the Los Angeles Musical Salon’s April 13, 2013 concert, as an encore to the world premiere of Mr. Zebrowski’s transcription of the Debussy Petite Suite.

The score is available for purchase at our online store. For more info, email info at or call 310-470-0770.