The Los Angeles Musical Salon has commissioned new works from the following. For more info on each commission, go to New Works Commissioned.


Composer & Pianist Marek Zebrowski

Marek Zebrowski – composer. Mr. Zebrowski has undertaken a long-term project for the L.A. Musical Salon: to add to the repertoire for the relatively rare instrumentation of piano quintet with double bass. This is the same instrumentation for Schubert’s beloved Trout piano quintet. Through 2013, Mr. Zebrowski has transcribed and premiered four new chamber pieces for this instrumentation.

Composer Jenni Brandon

Composer Jenni Brandon

Jenni Brandon – composer. Ms. Brandon created the lovely Sea Quartet for piano, oboe, clarinet and bassoon, which was premiered at the March 7, 2009 concert of the L.A. Musical Salon by the Vientos Trio with pianist Rose Chen.


Choreographer Laura Karlin

Laura Karlin – choreographer. Ms. Karlin created four new dance pieces for the L.A. Musical Salon, which were premiered on April 5, 2008 by Ms. Karlin dancing with Marlon Pelayo, accompanied by the Blue Rose Trio.